California Sucks

This week we got a bit of bad news at work. As everyone knows, the economy has been tanking and instead of government getting out of the way and letting the American people do what they do best, succeed, they’ve decided to get even more involved in our lives. As a result, the economy and job situation is getting worse and worse.

This week we got notice that 150 people will be laid off where I work. That doesn’t sound too bad when you consider we have 6000 employees. However, 50 of those are coming directly from corporate jobs which means about 8-10% of us are going to lose our jobs. Suddenly the picture looks a lot worse. We should find out who next week.

So I’ve been kicking this around while I wait to hear who goes and who stays and it’s become clear to me that California is just an awful place to work. Our government is so oppressive and so busy passing stupid laws that it’s no wonder businesses don’t want to operate here. The latest bit of brilliance from our leadership will outlaw grocery bags, so you’ll have to carry a dozen fabric bags with you to the grocery store or pay a tax for paper bags at the checkout. Yes a bag tax. That should do wonders for the economy.

So it occurred to me that if I were to lose my job, I would have nowhere to go. There are no jobs here. Period. Unemployment in the central valley is nearly 20%. My wife has been looking for work for TWO YEARS. With absolutely no luck. So I’m praying that I keep my job for a while longer. But I can’t help thinking that at some point (though hopefully not next week) we’ll probably end up leaving the state.

Where would I go? I’m thinking Austin Texas looks pretty darn good. Great music scene, lots of high tech, no state income tax, and they don’t charge you a bag tax.