Holy Crap, My Kid is Graduating High School

I’m old. I never really felt old before. During my 20’s I felt like a complete child. During my 30’s I felt like a responsible adult but still young. Even turning 40 I still felt like I was pretty young because I had a school age kid . But now that my kid is actually graduating high school and becoming an adult. I feel old.

Of course that’s the way it goes. Can’t stay young forever I guess. I still don’t have to act old. Of course I can’t act too young either or people (and my kid) will think I’m an idiot. *sigh* The 40’s are hard man.

I’m proud of my kid though. She’s managed to get through high school with a minimum of drama and bad behavior. She’s a good kid. Loving, smart, creative, and thoughtful. She’s a far better teenager than my wife and I were, and I guess that means we did our jobs. Or maybe we just got lucky, but I’m taking the credit anyway.

Congratulations kiddo.