Today I did what I swore I would never do. I dropped a crapload of cash to have our cat treated at the vet. Well, it’s a crapload to me anyway. $300! I don’t know that any animal other than maybe a steer or a racehorse is worth that kind of money.

The worst part is that this stupid cat has really never done anything for me. She doesn’t talk to me (thank God) and she doesn’t do tricks to entertain me. Though I pet her all the time she’s never given me a backrub, and on top of that she eats all my food and craps all over my backyard. It’s a completely one sided relationship. Her only saving grace is that she’s cute. Bah! Big deal.

The problem though is that the cat belongs to my daughter. And that’s where things get complicated for a dad. Because anything that happens to the cat is going to come back to me through my kid. Now, as I write this I begin to realize that my kid is actually a lot like the cat in terms of eating all my food and using my house and not doing anything for me….. hmmmm….

Anyway, this is one of those father moments where you swear you will not do something stupid like spend $300 to fix a 15 year old cat. Then when you hear her whining, and know she’s uncomfortable and you know its your kids pet and so you soften and pay the freaking money and then you go write blogs about how you hate being a softy and eating your words.

Ah well, I suppose that’s part of being a father. But that’s it, I’m not spending a dime more on this stupid cat!

Yeah right.