QR Codes are HOT!

Yeah so I was reading some geeky tech articles today and at the bottom of the story I saw this bug square full of pixely garbage, and I’m like whaaaat? So I started investigating and it turns out that these things are basically barcodes that contain website or email information. Ok so what? I’m already on the freaking website, what do I need a barcode for? Well, because it’s cool that why.

See what you can do is put this barcode on your website, or on a badge, or on a business card, or anywhere else, and then anyone who has an iPhone or other smart phone can scan the sucker and voila! They have your information and they didn’t have to type it in.

Don’t even tell me that isn’t the dandyest thing you’ve ever seen. Because it is. The possibilities are endless! What if I got my name and social security number tattoo’d on my forehead or right hand and then the government could identify me at any time? Wouldn’t that be awesome???

OK, maybe not. But capturing somebody’s contact information without having to type it in seems pretty cool. Check it out. Scan my lovely model and you’ll get a link to this very webpage in your mobile phone so you can read my thoughtful missives any time, wherever you may be.

Here’s some links for you to get started with QR Codes.

Read QR Codes – Neo Reader, QuickMark, Optiscan

Make QR Codes – Kaywa , ZXing, QRStuff