I thought I was going to miss this show. Michelle and I have been pinching pennies while she looks for a job and I figured since I had already seen Daughtry a few years ago we’d just pass on this one. However, a friend of mine called me up Friday and said he had two extra box seat tickets to the show and you know I jumped all over that. It was a fantastic show.

Daughtry is touring with opening bands Lifehouse, and a band I’d heard of but never really listened to called Cavo. All three bands are straight up commercial rock bands so it was a very balanced bill. Cavo opened and they were really very good. The first thing that struck me was that the sound in the arena was phenomenal. Normally the first band gets crappy sound, about 3 feet of stage space and maybe a lightbulb hanging from a wire for dramatic effect. Daughtry gave his openers a large stage, great lighting, and a perfect mix. That right there just set the show off right.

So Cavo did their stuff and then Lifehouse was up. Now, I like Lifehouse. They are great musicians and have several great vocalists in the band so they put on a great show. The problem is that they are kind of a soft band. They never really rock it out enough for me. So while I like them, I quickly got bored. Luckily they didn’t play a long set.

Daughtry came on next and a lot has changed since I saw them at the Fresno Fair two years ago. They came out to the Batman theme (not the cheesy 70’s version) and some great lighting effects. When the curtain dropped they had a HUGE stage with ramps all over the place and a massive backdrop that would change every few songs. The lighting show was awesome and halfway through the set during a cover of In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins they fired up a wicked laser show. I love me some lasers man. I gotta get some for the house. And as I said, the sound was outstanding. After seeing Slipknot in the same arena and having my ears punished by 200 db’s of garbled noise, it was quite a pleasure to hear crystal clear instruments and vocals. It’s pretty obvious that whoever is managing Daughtry’s show knows what they are doing.

Chris also has grown quite a bit as a performer since his last visit to Fresno. He looked like a seasoned pro, interacted with the crowd, and sang great. Although he had his backup singer doing a lot of the high notes. But then again, after being on tour for who knows how long, I don’t blame him. Gotta protect those chords. The bottom line though is that the performance as a whole was excellent and pretty faithful to the albums.

So that’s my review of the show. I gotta say, it was very enjoyable. If you get a chance to see these guys, don’t pass it up.