Happy Easter

As I sit here all full of enchiladas (yes I had enchiladas for Easter and they were outstanding) I’m just really in a euphoric mood. It’s been an incredible weekend, and with the week leading up to it being so busy and full of life’s stresses, I think I need to remember that in those times of busyness, God is there, and if I had just taken a moment to stop and listen to Him, maybe my week wouldn’t have been so hard on me.

At any rate, like I said, it was an awesome weekend. I am blessed to be a musician first of all, but more blessed to be able to use that talent to serve God. I played clubs and bars for over 20 years before giving that up completely to play for my church and I just gotta say what an amazing ride this has been. Friday I played an acoustic set with four of the most talented people I know for about 300 people. Saturday and Sunday I got to play for several thousand people, again with some insanely talented people including Patrick Contreras, who’s a well known musician in these parts.

So from Friday to Sunday I played the cajon and the drum set. I played ballads, R & B, Blues, and straight up rock. From a musician’s standpoint, it’s heaven. I’m getting opportunities I’ve never had before and I attribute it all to just deciding to give my playing to God. Pastor Steve talked a lot about that today. About giving up doing things for yourself, and finding God’s greater purpose for your life. My playing has taken on a larger purpose and I’m reaping the benefits of that. I am blessed.

But that’s not what really made this a great weekend. What made it a great weekend was watching people come to Jesus. We did something Clovis Hills has never done before, we did a public call for baptisms. Anyone who wanted to come forward and get baptized could do so. Right there in the service. Honestly, I didn’t expect many people to come forward. Our church is a church geared toward people who have never gone to church, or simply have been turned off by other churches. It’s a church for people who don’t like church. But Steve gave the call, we kicked into a song, and people came. And they kept coming. 45 people in all, being baptized in their street clothes and driving home soaking wet. It was just so moving to see people making a decision to live for a higher purpose. These are lives that are changing for the better, right before our eyes.

I got home to find a Twitter post from somebody saying “Neat magic trick Jesus. But the world is still full of ignorance and hate. Your move.”. And to that I would say that Jesus has already made his move. He made it when he died on the cross, rose from the grave and wiped away our sins 2000 years ago. So it’s not His move, it’s YOURS. What are you going to do with it?

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter. God bless.