National Day of Unplugging

I have a real hard time saying the internet sucks since I depend on it for my livelihood. But it does. In a certain way, it sucks. And so do cell phones and TV’s and everything else that sucks up your time, feeding you information that you don’t need yet you can’t say no to it.

I’ve often said that American society really started going down hill when TV was invented, and the internet has quickened the pace.  To be able to exchange information so quickly and easily is awesome, but evil information travels just as fast using these same methods and for some reason the evil is more attractive to us and affects us in a much more pronounced way. Think about it; how many accounts of crimes do you see in the media on a given day? How many accounts of horrific crimes or corruption or other wrongdoings are we exposed to? How many sexual images do we see in a day?

It’s a constant onslaught of negative imagery and sound. For me it starts when I turn the laptop on at 6am and doesn’t stop until I hit the sack. Between the laptop, the iPhone, the computers at work and my TV, I face an all day, every day, blitzkrieg of negative messages. I’m literally bathing in them.

Compare that to what we would see if we had no TV, and no internet. How many murders have you seen with your own eyes? How many sexual perversions have you experienced in person? Let’s take it down a notch; How many fistfights have you seen? How many car wrecks? When I think of these negative events I’ve personally witnessed in my 40+ years on this Earth, I’m counting them on the fingers of one hand.

Wow, what a difference between how my world REALLY is and how the world APPEARS to me through the media. We’re subjected to everyone in the entire world’s bad news and we’re subjected to it at a concentrated and rapid fire pace. How can we not become bitter or indifferent or hateful or resentful? So what to do?


I ran across this video today. Tonight at sundown we’re being asked to unplug for 24 hours, until sundown Saturday. For just one day a week, turn off the TV, switch off the cellphones, and close the laptop. It’s an electronic Sabbath. A day of rest. Can you do it? Does the thought of being disconnected make you nervous or anxious? All the more reason to give it a shot.

I’m in. How about you?