Sevendust in Las Vegas!

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a heavy rock guy. My very first album was Kiss Alive! and I learned to play the drums listening to bands like Loudness, Kiss, Metallica, Dio, Stryper, and Megadeth. My favorite music is heavy, but melodic. If you’ve listened to Sevendust you will know they are both monstrously heavy, yet really know how to carry a strong melodic chorus. It’s truly the best of both worlds and therefore, if I had to pick one band to listen to on a deserted island, Sevendust would be it. Michelle and I have seen Sevendust about 8 or 9 times now. We drive to see them every time they come near California and so when I heard they were playing Vegas on this years tour to promote their new album, Cold Day Memory, we had to go.

We drove down Thursday morning and checked into the Silverton Casino. Every time we go to Vegas we like to stay someplace different, and in Vegas you can do that so easily. We go three or four times a year and have almost never stayed in the same place twice. The Silverton is a smaller casino/hotel just off the southern end of the strip. What this means is that it’s about half the price of a strip casino yet only 3 miles from the action. So if you have a car, it’s a great deal. Of course it’s more relaxed and not as trendy as most strip casinos but then again Michelle and I are more into shooting pool than we are “clubbing” so it works for us. Anyway, we checked in and then headed down to Fremont street for a beer and Ruben at Hennesey’s, then strolled over to the Cuban Cigar Factory for some killer smokes. I highly recommend this cigar shop. The owner is a super cool guy, the prices are awesome and the smokes are second to none.

On Friday we decided to check out the new Las Vegas City Center which is the latest mega-resort complex right in the center of The Strip across the street from the Harley Davidson Cafe. I gotta say, I was less than impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s super high class. Everything is first rate. But it’s just boring. The shopping area is really cool and could easily be a movie set for some futuristic sci-fi flick, but the stores are all so ridiculously high-end, you really can’t even window shop without a credit check. We also checked out the Aria hotel/casino and while it was very, very nice, I just felt like I didn’t belong there with my middle class salary. It did have one high point and that was an English style pub we found. The staff was cool there and they had great english style food and a truckload of imported beers on tap. They also had a gimmick going where they would turn an hourglass over and if you could drink a beer before the sands ran out, they’d buy the next round. I timed the hourglass at 7 seconds and promptly passed on the challenge. LOL!

After we got stuffed on fish and chips and english beer we found a bowling alley and bowled a few games. michelle of course kicked my butt with a 191 on the first game and something like a 170 on the second. I turned down a third game and decided we needed to go!

We then headed to the Sevendust show at the House of Blues. I can’t say enough about this band and I’m listening to them as I write this post. They’ve been doing this so long that they could play a show in their sleep. However, they were as energetic and obviously having as much fun as the very first time I saw them over 10 years ago. These guys are just fantastic and the House of Blues is probably my favorite venue in the world. It was an absolutely outstanding show. I really don’t know what else to say about them.

So even though it was a quick three days in Vegas, especially with two of those days spent mostly driving, Michelle and I just had a fantastic time. Though I’m not one to post mushy messages on my blog or Facebook about how my wife “completes me” or is my “soul mate”, I have to say that we have a lot of fun together. I’m so blessed that after 21 years, we can just hang out and have a few beers together, walk around holding hands, and laugh our asses off while just doing the simplest of things. It was truly an outstanding time all the way around.