My First Home Brewed Beer

Alright! about 4 weeks ago I began a journey. A journey to the land of beer. My buddy Jeff and I have been talking about brewing our own beer for years but I’ve just never got around to it until now. Here are the results.

Well, it’s not crap. But it’s not fantastic either.

I decided to start easy and buy a beer kit. This is basically a can of concentrated beer ingredients that you mix with water, add yeast, and then let ferment. It’s the easiest way to get into beer brewing and I think the taste is a result of that. I mean, when they make it that simple, there’s not going to be a Guinness or a Sam Adams.

It’s not bad though. It’s properly carbonated, it tastes like beer and not skunk or sewer water, it’s got nice color, and it’s got a little punch to it, though I didn’t measure the alcohol content so I don’t know exactly how much punch. I haven’t gone blind so that’s positive.

I think the thing that hits me most is that it’s not very strong. It’s an IPA which are supposed to really have some flavor. Mine tastes a little watered down. I wonder if I put too much water in since the directions used British measurements which are slightly different than US ones. Maybe it’s just me. I like my beer like I like my women. Dark and strong! Ok, just playing, I prefer a medium bodied beer. But I think it’s good enough to share with friends, and that’s what making beer is all about anyway.

in conclusion, I’m encouraged by my first foray into master brewing. I think the next batch will definitely be made more from raw materials. I’ll probably still do a recipe kit, which is all pre-measured ingredients, but it definitely won’t be an extract kit like this one.

At any rate, it was a fun first time out and I’m looking forward to my next batch….. as soon as I drink my way through this one. Who’s coming over for a brew?


Well apparently I am way too picky. I’ve given away almost all of my first batch and everyone seems to think it’s great! So I’m pretty stoked! And no I doubt they are just being nice. My friends know better. 🙂