P90X: End of Phase One!

Today marks the end of Phase 1 of the P90X workout! My wife and I started the program a month ago have been diligent in keeping up with the workouts. I’m kind of surprised at this because neither of us were really consistent gym goers, nor did we really keep up with any other workout routine. It seems we’ve always worked out just enough to not get fat, but never enough to really be fit. Well, that’s changed with P90X.

It’s odd because it’s a MUCH harder workout than anything we’ve done before. So what’s the difference? Well, I think being able to do it in our own home is the biggest thing. Just pop in the DVD, move the coffee table and go for it. I think doing it together is really key as well. There’s definitely a feeling of letting each other down if one of us flakes. Lastly, it’s just a really good production. I love the way the workouts are structured. There’s a lot of variety so it doesn’t really get old. During the workouts they also have this info bar on screen so you can see the name of the exercise, how long you have left in this exercise and how long you have left for the full workout. This is brilliant and makes it much easier to push through.

So the big question is; Does it work? Well, that depends on how you measure success. First off, I’ve learned from past experience that you have to do something for at least 6 weeks to be able to look back and see a noticeable difference. This seems to be a rule for just about anything in life, but especially when working out. So I did not expect massive changes to come quickly. I also did not expect my weight to change much. The workout we’re doing is geared for muscle gain as well as fat loss, so the number on the scale is pretty much useless. That said, I am starting to see a difference. I am definitely losing some of my midsection fat and Michelle has noticed that her pants are no longer tight right out of the dryer. Ha! Not very scientific, but definitely progress! Having your clothes actually fit well feels so good. I feel stronger and I am not as discouraged when I see myself in the mirror. Slowly but surely we’re leaning out and building muscle, which improves the shape of your body. So we’re going to continue, and I think 30 days from now, the results compared to 30 days ago will be very noticeable.

More importantly though is that we are going to be more healthy in the long run. I think more than looking like a gymnast, just being fit and healthy is really what this is all about. It’s already affecting our daily lives in that we’re not as lazy. Activities are more fun because we have more energy and tire less quickly.

So in conclusion, I highly recommend P90X. Getting fit is tough, but honestly, anything worth having in life is worth working hard for. P90X is a great tool to help achieve fitness. Check back in another 28 days to see how Phase 2 turns out!