King Dana

It’s tax time. That wonderful time of year! I did a quick run through of my taxes this morning and it looks like after I pay my accountant I’ll just about break even. I guess that’s cool, I honestly don’t mind paying my taxes. We get some services in return. But it’s the way that taxes are levied in this country that makes it so distasteful.

I think the thing I hate most about taxes is the way the government views it. They basically use taxation for three purposes: to provide for public services, to buy votes, and to control the masses. It’s those last two that really bother me. Nobody should be getting tax breaks in order to shore up support for a political party, yet we see this happen all the time, with farming, manufacturing, banking, etc. They all get breaks and loopholes in return for lending support to political campaigns. Also, who is the government to tell me I need to spend my money a certain way, and if I don’t they will take more of it from me? This is a violation of the most basic form of liberty.

If it were up to me, taxes would serve one purpose and one purpose only: to fund the government for the purpose of serving the public interest. The WHOLE public interest. Therefore as King Dana the First, I would decree the following laws. *ahem*

First, everyone would pay a flat percentage of their income; Any and all income with the exception of family inheritances which I don’t really consider income. I would do a sliding scale like we do today. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not because the rich can afford more, it’s because the poor can’t afford it at all. This goes for business too. Anytime money comes in, you pay your tax. No exceptions for charitable or religious organizations, etc, and I’d outlaw all other forms of taxation.

Second, no deductions, no write-offs, no breaks. Period. The government has no right to dictate how your money is spent, nor responsibility for your poor choices.

And honestly, that’s it. That’s my tax plan. Now some may suggest that some industries would suffer, or nobody would donate to charity without the write off, etc… and I say, that’s crap. This country was founded by people who despised government and it flourished specifically because the government had very little power in the beginning. I don’t think there’s a single person who can legitimately say our country is better off today, now that government has ballooned into this monster we have now.

But with my simplified tax law, government would also have to be more fiscally restrained. So I would also set forth the following decrees with regards to Federal spending.

First, the federal government would have to save 10% of it’s tax revenues as an emergency fund and it would donate 10% to charitable causes in depressed nations. This is just a good rule to have. Put some money away for a rainy day, and help those less fortunate.

Second, the fed could not target any money toward specific states or people groups. Basically, no pork. If it doesn’t serve the republic as a whole (meaning, national infrastructure, defense, etc) then it doesn’t get spent at the federal level. I’d also do away with social security and federal employee pensions.

Third, the government would not be allowed to hold massive debt. I don’t have any debt with the exception of my mortgage, why should the government be in debt? This is a matter of sovereignty and national security in my opinion.

Lastly, the federal government would have severely limited ability to pass laws controlling the actions of the states. I figure with this one law you could totally get rid of the EPA, the office of Education, and about 100 other federal panels and offices. Let the states sort out things for themselves. That’s the original concept of our republic anyway. Yeah I know, we’d still want education standards, and pollution standards, etc, but these things can be determined by Universities and other voluntary organizations and left to the states to implement or not.

So that’s basically my theory. The federal government should provide for national infrastructure, national defense and foreign policy. The states should handle everything else however they see fit. Push the power back down to the local communities and trust people to do the right thing. And if they don’t, well they have to live with the consequences it don’t they?

So now that I’ve laid it all out for you, you can either thank the Lord I don’t run things, or vote for me for President King in 2012. 🙂