Thoughts on 42

That’s right suckas, 42 years old today! Honestly it doesn’t feel too bad. Better than 40 that’s for sure. So since I’ve been pondering the concept of aging, I think I’ll share some of the pluses and minuses of hitting 42.


I feel more mature. Don’t laugh, I mean that. And not in an “all I want to do is put on a sweater and listen to Count Basie” mature. For me it’s more of a confirmation of responsibility. I have a daughter graduating high school. I have a retirement account. I own a house. I don’t get drunk every weekend for fun. These are all things that I just could not fathom when I was 22, or heck… even 32. I’m fairly responsible. And it feels good.

Younger people defer to you. This is probably the coolest thing about getting old. Young people in general will treat you with more respect and maybe even fear you. They do it for no other reason than you are older than them. Of course that doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s the general rule, and if you don’t abuse it, you can get a lot of mileage out of it. It’s especially fun to exert a little of that power when boys come over to hang with my daughter.

I’m more determined. I’ve learned over the years that anything you want to accomplish takes hard work and perseverance. So when I take up something today, be it a hobby or exercise or a project at work or whatever, I’m not easily deterred.

I’m more even keel and I can see through the crap. Seeing so much stuff happen in the world and still be around to tell about it kind of seasons you. I don’t get all that upset over things anymore, and I don’t get overly excited at the “latest thing” either (except for the iPad).


My body hurts. All over. Every day.

I can’t see anymore. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was four years old adn then switched to contacts when I was 14. Now I wear reading glasses on top of my contact lenses. No lie.

I can’t handle chaos. Remember when you were a kid and you could be watching TV and listening to music and talking with friends all at once? Now that drives me absolutely bonkers. Silence is golden.

People call you “old”. I’ve heard more old jokes today than I ever have. It’s like there’s a sign on my back that says “tease me for being an old fart”. There might be actually. I can’t bend my arms far enough anymore to reach back and check.

I think new music sucks. I never thought I’d say that but it’s happening. The stuff my daughter listens to is awful. I try to not put it down because I know it doesn’t really suck, it’s just my artistic tastes setting up like concrete, but it’s hard. OK, I take that back, new music really does suck.


So those are some of my thoughts today. All in all I’m pretty happy with 42. I’m in good shape, I have a fantastic family, a good job, and a relationship with Jesus. Life is good, man. But there’s still plenty to do and experience.

In fact, today I’m going to take up home beer brewing. Cool eh?