Obama Promises “Help” for the Middle Class

So now that the radical left has pissed off the entire country and Obama has failed to materialize as the prophesied messiah, we now hear the president returning to his campaign talking points to try and make nice again like he did in the campaign. The only problem is that this time I’m not buying it. I did not vote for Obama but I was willing to give him a shot and not slam him every chance I got because he sounded like somebody with a level head. He talked about openness and responsibility and change and I like that. The problem is he never delivered on it. What we’ve gotten so far was a few crumbs thrown our way while the back room deals, closed door meetings, outrageous spending and partisan hatred continue on unabated. Nothing has changed one single bit.

So now the president is kicking into campaign mode again with a new push to help out the middle class. What he’s proposing is bigger child tax credit, some changes in how student loans are repaid and some credits for taking care of the elderly. Which in reality means he’s trying to by us off, but what he’s missing is that none of this crap matters. It’s completely inconsequential to the majority of the population and the only reason he’s offering this carrot on a stick is to give the appearance that he’s doing something great, when really, it just is not going to make a difference whatsoever in most of our lives.

If you want to help us Mr. President, here’s what the middle class really needs.


That’s all we need. The middle class doesn’t want handouts or charity. We want to work. We want to be left alone to make a living for ourselves without the interference of some out-of-touch greedy politicians sticking their nose in our business. And you’re not going to create jobs by making everyone a government employee. You create jobs by making it easy for people to start and do business. And how do you make it easy? Get out of our way.

Once upon a time you could have a business and employ other people without a truckload of fees and taxes and red tape, and without the fear of getting sued for having your bathroom mirror two inches too high or killing a field mouse and end up losing everything you worked for.

And once upon a time you could actually build things in America without fear that some sweatshop in a third world country who employs what basically amounts to slave labor will undercut you to death because they don’t have to play by the same rules you do and they have access to your market while they lock you out of theirs.

I could go on and on, and this is really a giant rant, which I don’t like to do, but honestly, it’s not a crazy concept to figure out. Government should do a few things: protect us from our enemies; maintain our infrastructure; and ensure that everyone plays fair according to the Constitution. After that, get the frick out of our way and let us do what we do best; Work our American butts off and enjoy the fruits of our labor.