Alright, I’m doing it. After months of hearing about other people tearing it up with the P90X program, I’m gonna cave to the peer pressure, join the cool kids, and give it a shot.

See the thing is, I have this bicycle ride planned. Just a little one. Oh, a hundred miles or so. And several miles of that is some wicked hill climbing. Standing over 6 feet and weighing in at around 210 pounds, means I’m just too freaking large to push myself up those hills. I gotta lose weight. About 15 pounds I figure at least. That combined with weight training and a ton of cardio should give me what I need to do this ride without my heart and lungs exploding.

Now that the holidays are over I’ve been lifting and watching my diet and stuff, but I’m approaching 42 years old and let’s face it, the body just does not burn fat like it used to. So I need some extra oomph. So I’m taking on P90X in addition to my cycling. I’ve got 6 months to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

I’m determined to succeed!