See Ya 2009! Welcome 2010!

2010. Wow. That sounds like a really futuristic year doesn’t it? I remember when in “The Future” we’d all be physically fit, there would be no poverty and we’d all be driving hover cars and having robots clean our white, spherical homes for us. Who would have thought way back in the 70’s, when I was reading comic books and watching Star Wars, that our cities would actually be crappier and dirtier and more poverty stricken than they were 35 years ago? “The Future” is a broken promise.

But this post isn’t about all that. I just threw that in because I’m getting old and every year since the year 2000 I’ve been complaining about not having my hover car yet. No, this post is about what was, what is, and what hopefully will be, not what could have been. So let’s recap two double-aught niner, shall we?

2009 was a pretty good year despite the fact that my wife spent the entire year unemployed. However, rather than crying the blues, we buckled down, set priorities, controlled spending and I can now proudly proclaim that the Pellerins are debt free! We hold no credit card debt and no loans with the exception of our regular mortgage. The next big financial accomplishment of 2009 was that we were actually able to save. We now have three months worth of my salary in the bank as an emergency fund.

This is the most significant accomplishment of our marriage if you ask me. In 21 years of marriage, we’ve never been debt free and in fact, most months we barely made the bills. But 2009 was a real eye opener for us financially. We discovered that we simply didn’t need most of the crap we spent money on, and none of that garbage made us any happier anyway. Shopping is a recreational activity in this country, and it’s a shame. I’ll never put my family in that position again.

Another really cool thing about 2009 for me personally was strengthening relationships. I’ve really gotten closer to some of the guys in our bible study group and our little gathering has grown to something like 15 guys or more now. It’s amazing what God is doing in this group. Also, my marriage has continued to be blessed and I think Michelle and I are closer than ever. We celebrated 21 years together this year which is an amazing accomplishment.

Lastly, I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and that was getting on the bike and doing an Epic Ride. I’ve taken off for days at a time in the past, but this year my buddy Robert and I took off for seven days and rode 2000 miles through the American Southwest. It was an absolutely fantastic ride and something I want to make an annual event.

There’s a ton more that was awesome about 2009, but let’s look forward to 2010. I’m not much for new years resolutions or any of that. I think if something’s important, you start doing it right then! Why wait for some arbitrary date? But I have a few specific goals for 2010 and I have some longer term goals for which I will start planting the seeds in 2010.

Spiritually, there’s a lot of holes I need to plug. Getting closer to God is my number one priority, but it’s a long walk, and I’m an imperfect person. In fact, I’m downright broken. So 2010 will be a year of continued pursuit of God.

Financially, I want to be even more independent. Not necessarily richer, just less beholden to others. At some point I want to start a business so I can call my own shots, and help spread wealth to others. I’d also like to be able to give more to charity.

Personally, I just want to lose this freaking weight I put on since Thanksgiving! I’m also going to begin training to do a full century bicycle ride. That’s right, 100 miles on a bicycle. This is the year.

So there you have it. Here’s to 2010! May everyone have a blessed and prosperous new year!