Bible Reading Plan

I have a list of sites that I really like and every once in a while I’ll drop by them to see what’s new. One of these sites is is a bible reading site that enables you to read the Bible in any translation, interact with other readers, bookmark or journal about your reading, etc. It’s an outstanding resource both from a practical and technical point of view.

Browsing the site today I found that they have added a really cool feature and so I wanted to blog about it. They’ve added the ability to use reading plans. If you’re not familiar with reading plans, they are basically a plan for reading the bible and there are many different plans depending on how you want to approach the Bible. Some focus on the New Testament, some focus on certain timelines, some are well balanced and cover various parts of the bible every day. Some are also based on time, so if you want to read the entire bible in 6 months or a year, you can if you follow the plan.

The bad part about plans is that they were mostly tied to a certain start date. So if you wanted to read the bible in a year you started on Jan 1 and finished on Dec 31. If you missed a day or two, you had to catch up or you screw up your plan and then it’s real easy to get lost.

YouVersion fixes this by adding check-off’s for each day you read. So now, rather than having certain readings tied to certain days, you just take them in order at your own pace. I’ve been wanting this type of feature since I totally failed at my “bible in a year” reading plan last year.

You can also use the mobile version of their website on your iPhone, so there’s more opportunity to read the Bible regardless of where you’re at.

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