Charitable Giving posted an interesting infographic on charitable giving. I found a few things especially interesting.

  • US citizens give 3 times the amount of the French and 14 times the amount of the Italians.
  • Conservatives give more than Liberals.
  • The poor give a higher percentage of their income than do the rich.
  • Religous people are more likely to give and to serve than non religious.

So what this says is that even though America is labeled the greedy monster of the earth, we’re more generous than any other country on the planet. The people who talk about compassion and caring the most are the ones least likely to give or serve, and the rich really are greedy #$%%@’s after all.

Another thing I find interesting, and possibly concerning, is that organized religion takes in the most contributions. The question I would then ask our religious organizations is; What are you doing with all that cash? I mean, I’m sure you’re using some of it to spread the gospel… though the apostles did a really good job of that without a lot of cash. So are you putting the rest to good use in our communities?

Take a second to follow this link. We all need to ask ourselves; What are we giving? Who are we giving to? Can we be doing more?