Kelly Clarkson

What do a 40 year old rocker and a 17 year old eclectic have in common? Well,we’re related for one thing, but we also went to the Kelly Clarkson show together last night.

Yeah, Kelly Clarkson. Now obviously this is not my type of show. I’ve never been to a pop concert in my entire life. However, I got an email yesterday from somebody I work with saying they had a few extra tickets, and I actually like a few Kelly Clarkson songs, and so I figured it would be something for me and my daughter to do together since we had nothing else going on.

I gotta admit, it was actually a pretty enjoyable show. Clarkson is a fantastic singer and she’s surrounded herself with probably one of the best backup bands I’ve ever heard. Two guitarists who are both complete shredders, a drummer who is solid as a rock and great to watch, and her backup singers… wow. These two girls were just spot on, and actually could probably front their own bands. The production was solid as well. After being so disappointed in Slipknot’s poor excuse for a mix, it was nice to hear a band who was loud, yet crystal clear. Note to metal bands, hire real sound engineers!

The downside though was that Clarkson isn’t that entertaining on her own. When she’s not singing, she comes across as kind of bitter (complaining about boyfriends and record companies), a little nervous, and immature. She also just looked a little sloppy to me, like they rushed her out of the dressing room early. Also, an hour into her show and she hadn’t done even one of her major radio hits. I’m not sure if she was saving them for the end or what since we didn’t stay for the whole show, but she did a lot of cover songs which honestly, was kind of lame.

As I said earlier, this wasn’t my type of crowd either. I can honestly say that I was probably the only straight male in the building who hadn’t been forced to the show. Most of the audience were girls in their late teens or early 20’s, with a healthy spattering of 40 somethings with pre-teens in tow. There were a lot of gay guys at the show which surprised me. The rest of the crowd were couples made up of Clarkson fans who had dragged their men to the show. You could spot these couples by the looks of boredom on the faces of the men.

Really though, despite the negative tone of this post, it was not a bad show, and I enjoyed myself. My daughter is a kick to hang out with, and since that’s the real reason I went, I’d declare the night mission accomplished.