The iPhone Experience

I’ve been an iPhone user since about 6 months after they came out. I love this thing. You can’t even really call it a phone, it’s more like a tiny laptop. I don’t even bother taking my laptop on trips anymore. I just don’t need it for 90% of my travel computing needs.

Now even though I really dig my iPhone, I don’t live for it. I’m not one of those guys that stands around in little packs with other iPhone users and tweets and texts and surfs while ignoring the people right in front of me. But I do think it’s incredibly handy to have on me when I need to check the weather at the place I’m driving to, or need quick directions, or need to find a good restaurant, so I was a little bummed when I dropped the darn thing Sunday night.

I was leaving church and jogging out to my car because Michelle was waiting for me to open the doors and it popped out of my jacket pocket and hit the edge of a curb. At first it didn’t look too bad, just a nice dent in it’s aluminum back and a scuff of red paint from the curb. But I quickly realized that it had internal injuries. The volume buttons no longer worked, and the touch screen would not respond to my loving caresses.

I was bummed. Not so much about the phone, but about the replacement cost. This is no economy to be spending $100 on a phone. At least not for me. So I figured, hey, I can fix this thing! So I grabbed a screwdriver and pried the sucker apart.

I soon realized there was no way I was fixing this thing. After pulling 15 of the tiniest screws I have ever seen out of the innards of my beloved iPhone, I realized I would never be able to get them back in. My fingers are too fat and my eyes are too old to have any hope of getting that thing back together, even if I could magically figure out which component was bad.

But luckily I had a back up phone to use. Unluckily it was my daughters old RAZR; in stunning pink. Yeah, that really bolsters my bad boy image. On top of that, the thing is a piece of hot pink crap. I tried to type a text message on it and suddenly realized why I got an iPhone to begin with. No, I think I’d rather not have a phone at all rather than fight with this hunk of garbage. But you can’t just go around without a cellphone in this day and age right? So I decided to go down to the Apple store and get me a new phone. And this is what I really wanted to write about because the shopping experience at the Apple store is amazing.

I went online to order one and they give you the option to pick it up at a store. I figured that would be better than waiting for them to ship it to me. So I select the store I want to get it from and they ask my name and then tell me when it will be waiting for me.

I walked into the store and told the guy I reserved a phone online. He asked my name and then looked me up on his iPhone. He then tells me to have a look around and somebody will be up with my phone. I drooled over the new 27″ iMac for a few minutes and then a guy taps me on the shoulder and asks if I’m ready to check out. He’s got my iPhone in one hand and a portable credit card reader in the other. He takes my id and punches in a few things. Then he takes my credit card and swipes it. He then asks me if he can email my receipt to me and I say yes. He then hooks the phone up to a computer, activates it and then hands it to me. Done.

Within 5 minutes I had an activated iPhone in hand. No swapping SIM cards, no calling headquarters, no paperwork to sign, and they were FAST! None of the B.S. that I’ve always gone through when buying phones at the AT&T store. And what else was cool is that this is all while standing in the middle of the showroom, they don’t have registers, or lines, at the Apple store. Brilliant.

So I’m back in business with my new iPhone. I gotta say I kinda miss my old one. I really liked the aluminum back versus the plastic back that the new phones have, but it’s way better than the pretty, pink RAZR, that’s for sure.