Last night my buddy Darren and I went to Slipknot and it was awesome! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a rock show. There’s just been nothing good coming through at a reasonable price. Sorry AC/DC I’m not paying $95 to see ANYONE! But Slipknot came through for $30 so I was all over it.

It kind of sucked because we were supposed to hook up with another buddy but due to a dead cell phone and a long workday we were unable to connect and so we missed the opening band waiting for him and finally went into the show without him. Stuff happens I guess.

The show was killer though. Slipknot is one of the few bands that still puts on a monster stage show. It’s 100% high energy theatrics and I love it! Have you ever wished you could watch a guy in a scary clown costume play a beer keg with a sledge hammer? Have you wanted to see a percussion stand rise up 15 feet in the air and spin around while one guy is beating the drums and another band member is swinging from the bottom of it? Have you ever wanted to see a drumset rise up into the air, stand on it’s side and then spin around like a clock all while the drummer is still playing? Have you ever wanted to see 3000 people jumping in unison or hearing them sing all the words to the songs at the top of their lungs? Well, you gotta check out a Slipknot show. Honestly, it’s like no other show out there.

My only complaint was that the sound was kind of muddy. A lot of metal shows are just pushed really loud and not mixed real well. But it wasn’t terrible.

So all today I was just in the best mood all day long. There’s something energizing about the sound of electric guitar and pounding drums, I’m telling you.

Great stuff.