Church Rock

This weekend was #2 of a four part series at church on navigating through tough times. Every week we’re featuring a song from Journey to highlight the message and so far it’s been awesome. This weekend I got to play drums on “Anyway You Want It” and I gotta say, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Our regular worship set was killer. We did Sing to the King which is one of my favorite songs. So powerful, especially at the end. It goes into this little drop down with hi-hat and vocals, and a single note on the bass and then builds into a monster chorus to finish out the song. FAT!!! Then we busted into some Journey, and while the song itself is probably the most uninteresting song from a drumming standpoint, it really rocks.

If there’s one thing Journey understood, it was the need to keep songs catchy, and simple. Songs like that just stick in people’s heads and make them memorable. The other good thing is that a simple song can really be rocked out. As a drummer you can almost kick into auto-pilot and just really pour yourself into the vibe and not have to worry about parts so much.

So it was a fantastic worship set. Now I need to go download the sermon so I can enjoy the message too!

Hope everyone has a rocking week.