Epic Ride 2009

I’ve been waiting for this for a year.

Each year for the past three years or so my brother and I have taken what I like to call an “Epic Ride”. We pack up the motorcycles, and take off for at least 3 or 4 days and see some of this beautiful country as only a biker can. I’m telling you, there is truly nothing like being on the open road, the bike rumbling along beneath you, the wind whipping by, feeling the temperature drop and rise as you cut in and out of the sun’s shadow, the smell of the trees and plants… it’s just amazing. So this year I wanted to go someplace I’ve never been but always wanted to go. The Grand Canyon.

As I started to kick this trip around, I knew I wanted to see the Grand Canyon most of all. But there’s really nothing between here and there. It’s at least a two day ride, and I didn’t want to spend 4 days just riding there and back, so I decided to make it a full blown tour of the desert Southwest. I extended the trip and added some fun in Nevada and Utah as well as Arizona, and then decided while I was at it, to go ahead and throw in some California sight seeing as well.

The final trip came out to be seven days and nearly 1700 miles. Here’s what it looks like:

Day 1: Fresno, CA to Las Vegas, NV. 400 miles
Day 2: Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon, AZ via Hoover Dam. 217 miles
Day 3: Grand Canyon, AZ to Zion National Park, UT. 340 miles
Day 4: Day spent riding Zion, Bryce.
Day 5: Zion, UT to Las Vegas, NV via Red Rock Canyon. 167 miles
Day 6: Las Vegas, NV to Lone Pine, CA via Death Valley. 232 miles
Day 7: Lone Pine, CA to Fresno, CA via Yosemite National Park. 272 miles

This is going to be the Epic Ride to end all Epic Rides. At least until next year.