The Healthcare Dogfight

That’s what it is; a dogfight. The clawing, scratching and biting by our politicians and “journalists” makes Michael Vick’s little private sporting events look like a PETA gathering. Honestly, all the emotion coupled with misinformation and multiplied by greed and self interest is just mind boggling, and very discouraging.

So I started doing some reading to try and answer the question: Do we even need heath insurance reform? My conclusion: I think we do. Too many people can’t afford to get proper healthcare, period. That’s really the bottom line. I look at my wife, who’s worked hard all her life, and I realized that she has NEVER been offered health insurance. She’s not lazy, or illegal, or stupid. She’s just always worked for small businesses. Even while making a good wage, she’s never been offered insurance.

I’d like everyone to think about that for a second, especially you fellow hard working right wingers, because I hear all the time that we “deserve” what we work for and if somebody doesn’t have insurance they must have not worked hard enough and that’s just tough shit. Well I disagree.

This country is full of hard working people that simply have never had the opportunity to work for a company that happens to provide great health coverage. Does that mean they just get screwed? Do you turn them away at the door of the hospital? Let them die in the street? When I ask this question, I never seem to get an answer. Usually this is where the huffing and puffing comes in and the subject gets changed.

Bottom line; I think we as a society, especially one that prides itself on it’s Christian heritage, need to make sure everyone can see a doctor when they need to. The Bible calls us to care for the poor and the sick. It doesn’t say only if you can afford it, or if it’s convenient, or if it doesn’t put you out, or if they are worthy. What if Christ had that attitude toward us? We’d be in a world of hurt.

Here’s an article I found interesting:

“Heal the Sick”: Why Public Health Care is a Christian Duty

So we have to provide for the sick.  My next question is, how on earth do we pay for it? And this is where it gets nasty. Because it DOES need to be paid for. And this is where the backbiting, lying, and selfish jockeying of businessmen, politicians, and self interest groups really takes off.

Rather than just rehash what I’ve read and pretend I know it all, I’m just going to link to some articles I thought were illuminating. None of them give hard answers, but at least maybe one can start to identify the players, what their interests are, and why they are fighting so hard to push the argument in their favor. One thing is for sure, almost everything I’ve heard on the nightly news is absolute, sensationalist crap.

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