Today’s Motorcycle Ride: 185 Miles to Lake Edison

Screenshot on 2009-07-03 at 8.11.24 PM

In the past 7 years since I bought my motorcycle I’ve covered a lot of road. About 45,000 miles worth. There’s a lot of places I love to go again and again because the rides are just so mesmerizing. Today I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been yet though. As I was looking on the map, I noticed a small lake waaaaay up in the Sierra’s called Lake Thomas Edison. It looked pretty cool, it had a paved road, and it was close enough to go there and back in one day, so I entered it into the GPS and took off on my adventure.

To get to Edison you have to go through Shaver and past Huntington lake, both places I’ve been to many times. The ride up was nice a cool, with little traffic. A perfect ride. So I get up to the turn off to go to Edison and the road narrows down to a small two laner that begins to wind up into the mountains. No big deal, I’ve ridden a ton of mountain roads and this was expected.

After a while (I’m not sure how many miles because it’s hard to judge on these slow winding roads ) the road narrows to a single lane. Now this is not a huge deal, but still it makes you a little nervous because these are mountain roads which means there are no shoulders so it makes passing other cars kind of difficult. I’m getting worried.

A few miles later, the road degenerates into something that can only be loosely described as a road. It was more like a trail that somebody just poured some quick-crete over. This road was BAD! Barely the width of an economy car, the road snaked through the mountains, up and down, back and forth. Long portions of it were walled on the right with solid granite and dropping off to my left into oblivion. No guard rails here. Just about 8 feet of patchy, sandy concrete to ride on and one wrong move would take me into the abyss. This was some scary stuff.

The worst part of riding a horrible road is just not knowing what’s ahead. Will the road end all together? Will it turn to dirt? if it gets too bad how will I turn around? On top of that, it was such a treacherous pass that I couldn’t get the bike above 10 miles an hour for most of the 15 or 20 miles. So it literally took me FOREVER to get to the end.

I was determined to get to the lake though, even though a bike like mine should have NEVER been on that road. But I focused, and eventually I got there. The trip back was a little easier. Amazing how that little bit of familiarity helps with the nerves. The traffic was way busier though with people heading out to camp and fish, so it was really hard passing cars on that tiny road. I finally made it out to the main road after an hour or so and it felt so good to be on wide, smooth concrete again. I stopped in Shaver for a few beers and some relaxation and then headed the rest of the way home.

Quite an adventure. Check out the pictures here.