Today’s Bicycle Ride: 46 miles, 2526 feet

Screenshot on 2009-06-13 at 7.47.58 PMOk, today’s ride was a bruiser! 46 miles with over 2500 feet of climbing. This is our final long ride before the Millerton Metric in two weeks.

It was just so rough today though. Wildcat stumped me, but the rest of the course went pretty well. The climbs were strenuous but I made them (with the exception of WildCat) without stopping. We got some great downhills runs too, at one point getting up to 36 Mph! That’s smoking for a bicycle in my opinion. When you’re on wheels that are 3/4 of an inch wide it feels like you’re doing 100.

I gotta say I am in so much pain right now though from just the mileage. It honestly feels like a truck ran over my legs.

It doesn’t help that I took a spill today too. I couldn’t get a foot out of the clips fast enough and ended up eating concrete. So I have a nice swollen bruise on my leg with some good abrasions. Then I went and played drums tonight which didn’t help.

Right now all I want is a cold beer and then I’m hitting the sheets.