Today’s Bicycle Ride: 30 miles, 1100 feet

Screenshot on 2009-06-06 at 11.55.03 AMToday Doug and I were the only ones riding and our first plan was to head to Prather and back. However, we have a huge ride in 3 weeks that has some wicked climbs in it, and so I’ve been wanting to get prepared for that. We decided instead to head to Millerton Store and then check out Sky Harbor road.

This is one brutal road. I’ve only been riding bicycles for 6 weeks and I think I’m just not giving myself enough time to acclimate. This road kicked my butt today.

As you turn onto Sky Harbor it heads straight up for about 3/4 of a mile at up to a 20% grade according to Then it drops down and meanders around before climbing again. This one is longer, about 2.5 miles and every bit as steep in places. It’s a killer. We ended up stopping at the top of the second hill because we felt if we went down to the end, we’d never get back up it without killing ourselves.

It was a brutal day. Not really distance wise, but those climbs just have my legs and butt burning. Next weekend we’re doing a long ride to get a feel for what the Millerton Metric will be like. We’ll do 55 miles or so, should be interesting.

One other cool thing. Dave brought me a jersey on thursday and though it fits just a hair tight around my “love handle” area *blush*, I think it looks pretty good. But I have to give my team mates crap. They’ve been calling this thing the “cheese jersey” because it says Formaggio Capellini on it. Formaggio is a producer of all sorts of italian foods, including cheese, but capellini is pasta. So it should really be called the “pasta jersey”. Oh well.

CORRECTION: Well, isn’t the internet wonderful? After doing a little research I discovered that formaggio, while being the name of several businesses, is also the italian word for cheese. So the jersey, is in fact the “cheese jersey”. Actually, it’s the cheese and pasta jersey, but now I’m just being picky.