Today’s Bicycle Ride: 42 Miles

Screenshot on 2009-05-30 at 2.40.59 PMToday’s ride was a good one. Lots of miles, good climbing but nothing killer, great scenery and relatively cool weather.

We started at the Vista Point at Henley lake about 30 minutes late due to goof #1 by Google maps. It tried to lead us up 41 to a Rd 207 but neglected to tell us that Rd 207 has a gate about 10 miles into it which means you can’t get to the lake that way. So we had to turn back and take 145.

Goof #2 happened early into the ride as Google Maps tried to lead us down a dirt road. Road bikes don’t play well in the dirt! So we had to back track, adding about 6 miles to the route as you can see in the map.

Once we got those two things out of the way, things went pretty smooth. There’s a lot of gentle climbing on this route which is a great workout and there’s also some wicked downhills. I’m still not used to getting up to 30 or 40 mph on a bicycle, but I’m slowly getting addicted to it.

The only bad part was that right as I finished my ride, my rear tire burst. That’s the 7th time in 6 weeks. Something is definitely wrong with that wheel. I took it to Rubber Soul and they were super cool about it and put some new tape on and gave me a free tube. I’m hoping we can figure out what’s causing this and fix it.

Jim ended up popping a spoke toward the end and blowing a tire as a result. I had to get in the truck and go get him but he wasn’t too far from the finish.

Other than that, we had a great ride. Now it’s time for a shower, a nap, and then it’s off to the roller derby match tonight!!!