Acoustical Jammage at KuppaJoe

Tonight we hung out at KuppaJoe. KuppaJoe is actually one of the buildings at a church here in town and they let bands come in and put on all-ages shows. It’s really a cool place because there’s no liquor, no cussing allowed on stage, and most of the bands are Christian bands. So it’s a great place to see rock bands, without having to put with the crap that happens at rock shows.

So tonight my buddy Luke Mundy was playing a solo acoustic set along with three other acts. Now I’ve jammed with Luke myself so I expected him to be good, and he was. Great playing, great vocal and really solid songs. I really enjoyed it. The other bands were completely foreign to me, but I was surprised that I actually enjoyed them too.

The guy that came on after Luke was part of a band that my daughter is really into and normally doesn’t do acoustic stuff, but they called him at the last minute so he came down. The dude was really good, even though you could tell he was just winging it. But he has that really current vocal sound you hear in a lot of the younger bands. I’m looking forward to checking out his band…. but I can’t remember the name for the life of me. When I find out from my daughter I’ll post it here.

The next band was called Sing the Body. Now this is a band I would never listen to if they hadn’t been playing tonight. It’s just not my type of music. The gal who leads the band played an instrument called the Auto-Harp which is probably one of the weirdest looking things I have ever seen. The rest of the band looked like church camp counselors from the 70’s… except they were all in their 20’s. Everything old is new again. The music itself was kind of all over the place; From some hymns done a cappella, to some folksy sounding stuff, to a kind of ethereal interpretation of Billy Idol’s White Wedding. What was weird though is that I really enjoyed it. It was different, and it made me really pay attention. Again, not my cup of tea, but definitely interesting and enjoyable.

I couldn’t stay for the last band, I gotta get up in the morning for a 35 mile bicycle ride, but it was a good night. It’s nice to do something different; Something you normally wouldn’t do. It did make me realize though that I’m due for a good heavy metal show. Everything I’ve seen over the 8 months has been artsy/folksy stuff so I think it’s time to go to Vegas and see an ear splitting metal show at the House of Blues or something.

Anyway, check out the KuppaJoe website. They have bands every Friday night.