Today’s Bicycle Ride: 36 Miles

Screenshot on 2009-05-23 at 1.00.53 PMHoly crap I’m tired. The Old Guys on Old Bikes rode 36 miles today and climbed the infamous Wildcat hill. Actually, there was a LOT of climbing today and my legs are certainly feeling it.

A few good things about todays ride: I did not fall, and I did not forget to downshift. Second, I only stopped on Wildcat, I did not have to stop on any of the other sections. Last time I took this route, I stopped quite a bit, so I feel much better about that even though Wildcat still kicked my butt.

So am I ready to ride 69 miles in the Millerton Metric? Heck no. I feel nauseous right now I’m so exhausted. My legs feel like bricks. Today was a hard freaking day. But I made it through and performed much better so I know I’m making progress. I just need to step up my nutrition and training regimen.

I will admit though that while climbing Wildcat, my lungs about to explode, my heart beating out of my chest, my legs on fire, I started to ask myself; “What on Earth am I doing?”

I didn’t have an answer.

Ah well, until I figure it out, I might as well keep on toward the goal. So I’m riding tomorrow. Just 30 miles or so. 😉