Today’s Motorcycle Ride: Mammoth Pool

MammothRide05212009It’s been a while since I’ve ridden my motorcycle just for fun. I’ve been commuting to work every day which is nice, but it’s not as nice as being up in the mountains. So today my good friend Richard and I took off for a pleasure ride.

We had originally decided to head up to Bass Lake so we took some back roads over near Humphrey Station and then on to North Fork. At North Fork instead of heading to Bass Lake we decided to explore a little and so we made a few random turns and eventually ended up at Mammoth Pool.

The day could not have been better for riding. It was cool, the roads were empty, wildflowers still dotted the hillsides and the forest smelled fantastic. The only downside was that it’s butterfly season. As we rode there were bunches of butterflies sitting on the road. Hundreds in a bunch. I was riding behind Richard so as he would ride through the grouping, all the butterflies would take off into flight and then I would promptly ride through the flying swarm. Let’s just say I have a lot of cleaning to do now.

It was a fantastic and much needed ride today. Tomorrow I take off on two wheels again to ride Wildcat hill, except instead of having 1700cc’s of motor to help me climb it, it will just be my own two legs. They hurt already.