Fresno’s Identity Crisis

I was reading Mike Osgueda’s blog this morning and discovered that the short lived Cabo Wabo building is now being turned into a “Vegas Style” nightclub called “The Edge”. Let me just state for the record that this is the lamest idea in the world.

In the past 5 years or so Fresno has been inundated with “Vegas style” or “L.A. style” nightclubs & “Ultra Lounges”. Is that something to brag about? Is there something unique about getting drunk and throwing up in the parking lot in Las Vegas vs. North Fresno? From what I’ve seen, all “Vegas Style” really means here in Fresno is that the bar owner bought a couch, put an ape at the door wearing a shirt that says “security” on it, and tripled the drink prices. I guess I’ll never understand why paying $7 for a Corona makes people feel sophisticated. 

To be fair, The Edge will certainly be a nice place, hardly a Ewell’s-with-a-red-carpet, but not $100 admission nice! But wait, you say! Kim Kardashian is going to make an appearance! WoooooooHoooo! So you’re telling me I can sit at the bar with the rest of the wanna-be’s sipping $12 watered down margaritas and try and catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian sitting in the roped off, security surrounded, VIP section drinking high dollar bottles of Cristal? Sign me up! Seriously, Is that supposed to make me feel special? Is that something to brag to my friends about? All it makes me feel is freaking poor. Like I wasted a perfectly good C-Note that could have covered a round trip flight to the real Las Vegas, or you know, bought groceries for an entire week.

No, I just don’t get it. It’s like Fresno has a some kind of serious identity problem. We are forever wanting to be L.A. or Las Vegas when we should be happy to just be Fresno; A big town with a small town feel and plenty of cool things to do. No, you can keep your “Ultra-Lounges”, and “Vegas Style” clubs, and “VIP” sections. I’ll be downtown at Hero’s or in The Tower at Sequoia Brewery, slumming with the little people.