Today’s Bicycle Ride: 35 Miles

Today I hooked up with a buddy from church and some friends he rides with for a nice 35 miles ride. We started in north Clovis, headed out Willow to Friant and on to Millerton Lake. It was a beautiful day out, cool, sunny, just a little breeze.

The ride is a nice one. Nice and flat as you go through Friant but then you hit a fairly long steep hill as you cross over the river and head to the back side of Millerton. Not too bad though, I found that I could climb it fairly easily. The next few miles are easy rolling hills until you get to the road that leads to Millerton. There’s some really steep sections as you head to the entry gate that make for a really good workout. The best part about going up hills though is that for every up hill, there’s a down hill! So we got some exhilarating speed on the way down the other side.

We kicked it at the gate for a bit and then made the ride back, which is much easier since there’s much more downhill areas. Fighting a headwind coming back on Friant road though is not fun, but again, it makes for a good workout.

All in all it was a good ride. Not a killer, but a nice workout none the less. The more I get into cycling however the more I realize what gear I need. I really need a jersey. Carrying a fanny pack is lame. So I think I’m going to buy one this week. I found a site that makes them with Beer vendors on them. Once company called Primal Wear even makes Kiss and AC/DC jerseys. I might have to think about those. I also cannot wait to get my new pedals. I bought a pair of Crank Brother’s Eggbeaters on Ebay and I think having my feet out of those stupid toe clips is going to be so much more comfortable.

So my plan is to ride the Millerton Metric ride in mid June. It’s around 115km, which is something like 70 miles. I’ve stepped up my weight training to focus on my lower body and am riding 30-40 miles every weekend until the big ride. Should be quite a challenge.

Well, now that my ride is over, and it’s still gorgeous outside, I full intend to sit on my butt with a beer and cigar for the next hour at least. Hope everyone has a great weekend!