To Rock Or Not To Rock?

A good friend of mine that I used to jam with moved to L.A. a few months ago and started a new band. They are REALLY good and they write catchy, radio friendly rock songs. A week ago my buddy called me to ask if I could sit in for 5 gigs since their drummer was injured. One of those gigs was at the Whiskey in Hollywood; probably the most famous rock club ever.

My first reaction was to turn it down. Several years ago I left secular music altogether and decided to use all of my musical talent to play Christian music and that’s worked out really well for me. It’s brought me a real peace, has taken a lot of stress of my marriage, and God’s let me play in some really awesome gigs in front of thousands of people. But the fact that I wanted to help a friend out, and I was intrigued about playing this major rock club, caused me to give in, and I agreed to the gig.

The interesting thing about giving something over to God though is that he really lets you know when you’re screwing up. And all week I had been feeling like I had made a big mistake. I was putting myself right back into the worst possible atmosphere, one that I left behind for very serious reasons. So after much thought and after consulting with some very trusted friends, I backed out.

I will just say that a tremendous weight has been lifted off of me. And that’s evidence that I made the right choice. They say once you give something over to God, you really can’t go back. And I think that’s the lesson I’ve learned here.