Weekend Festivities

Could the weather have been any nicer this weekend? I know some of my friends and relatives live in places that are… well, how can I say this…. not California, but I can’t help that we have the best weather ever so I’m going to gloat anyway. It will be your turn to gloat when our state goes bankrupt later this year.


Friday night we decided to go see my buddy Nick Cantrell’s band, A Current Affair. These guys are a great young band and are doing some big things this summer including playing Spirit West Coast. Keep an eye on these guys.

Saturday we had the best weather ever and Michelle and I decided to get on the bike and go for a ride. We took my standard loop up to Bass Lake and back home through Auberry. I’m telling you, this is the ultimate time to be outside. The foothills are a cool green and are just splattered with colored wild flowers in yellow, white and orange. The sky was a crystal blue and we could see all the way to the white tips of the Sierras. Absolutely beautiful.

Today we went to church as usual and then over to a co-ed baby shower for Paul and Jenn Haugen. Now there’s just something inherently wrong with the concept of a co-ed baby shower. Baby showers are something that women are supposed to do with other women. And when they do, men go hang out and smoke cigars or whatever. It’s like recess for us. It’s our time to go play and not worry that our loved ones are bored, because they are having way more fun doing “awesome” stuff like guessing the circumference of a pregnant woman. Which is odd because you put a number to the waistline of a woman at any other time in her life and you are a dead man! Anyway, today was not your normal baby shower because us guys were “invited” (a.k.a. forced to come).

Though this could have been a recipe for disaster, I have to say that it was a good time. Our wives were smart enough not to try and make us play “games” (as if melting candy bars in diapers is considered “sport”). No we basically ate and then were left alone to shoot the bull, or in Frank’s case, sneak inside to watch the game. Anytime hanging with my fellow musicians is a good time in my book, so it was a good day.

So that was my weekend. Tomorrow I file my taxes so that will set the stage for the rest of the week. Pray for a refund…. or at least a break even!