Making Music

I just got done jamming with my new band. Man that feels good to say: my new band. I’ve been collaborating with a group of very talented guys that Paul brought together and up until now that was basically it; It was a collaboration just to flesh out and get Paul’s ideas on tape. Or I guess not really tape since nobody uses tape anymore, but it sounds cooler than “get Paul’s ideas down on the hard drive”.

Anyway, we’ve been doing some sweet work but now Paul wants to kick it up a notch. He’s secured 25 hours of studio time for later this summer and we’re going to go in and record a CD. Then, if God wills, we’d like to do some local gigs and see where this thing goes. It’s an exciting possibility.

The music itself is fantastic. Totally something different for me. I’ve been playing Christian music at church for years but that’s really just playing other people’s songs. To actually be a part of the writing process for something that’s not heavy rock is really interesting. Now I’ll be honest, I’m the drummer so I don’t have a tremendous amount of input, but these guys are so good, I really don’t feel the need to chime in much. But it feels good to be able to write my own drum parts, my own fills, and just play whatever flows out of me. You can’t do that when you’re playing covers. So this has been a really cool experience.

So I’m excited to see where God leads this little project. I’m kind of curious to see what Paul decides to call this band. The Paul Haugen Band? The Paul Haugen Experience? The Paul Haugen Quintet? Pauly and the Haugettes? The PH Experiment?

Any other suggestions?