It’s Been a While….

It’s been about two weeks since I posted here last and that’s a little long for me. the real problem is that Haugen got me hooked on Twitter and now it’s much easier to spit out snippets of what’s on my mind than it is to sit down and try and write something semi-cohesive. But I do need to sit down and blog more, because really, only the geekiest of my friends (yes you Vira) are on Twitter.

So what’s been going on? Wow… all kinds of stuff. But mostly good stuff. Relationship stuff. I mean, I’m doing the normal 40 hour work week, but I’ve been making a real effort to spend time with family, and just enjoy thier company. Recently that means hanging out at the Rogue Festival. We saw some independent movies made by local artists, and then checked out a jazz band called the Benjamin Boon Quartet. It’s kind of cool to step out and experience something you’ve never experienced before and it’s even better when you can do it with family and spend time sharing thoughts afterward.

My remaining time has been spent at church. Being on the schedule for the last two weeks means a lot of studying songs and playing drums. I’ve also been helping Paul record some song ideas of his and we got to play one this weekend which was really cool. I think people really dug it.

There’s bigger things going on than just the songs we’re playing though. With the economy what it is and people losing what many put first in their lives, money, I think there’s a lot of people who are now looking for something more permanent, something solid to base their lives on. Now, we don’t do those big TV preacher “altar calls” at our church. Clovis Hills is a church that’s designed to be easily accessible to those who don’t “do church”. But our pastor did something he’s never done before and simply offered to pray off to the side with anyone who wanted to come down and accept Jesus during a few songs we were set to play. I think around a dozen people ended up coming down and I gotta say it’s an incredible sight to see people making the decision to start life over. To reboot if you will, with God at the center of their lives instead of money, or career, or status. or any of the other things modern life promises will make us happy. This is powerful stuff. Real life change happening right before our eyes. Amazing.

So it’s been a pretty cool time for me and even with the crappy economy and all that… I’m excited about life and where God’s taking me.