Mad Skillz

Last night I mixed down a song Paul wrote called “Come And See”. It’s a worship tune that we’ll be playing next week at church and I’m pretty stoked about it. I’ve been able to collaborate with some really talented dudes to make this song happen and it’s been fun meeting new people and making some great music together.

The only problem I have is that I wish I had more mad skillz. What I mean is that there’s just so many disciplines in the world, and there’s just not enough time to hone them all. When it comes to recording there’s so much that needs to be learned because as the sounds start to layer, they muddy up and cancel each other out. So you really have to learn to think ahead to choose guitar tones, arrangements, etc properly. And then you have to mix it all down and do it in a way that maintains the integrity of the song without squashing important elements or becoming harsh to the ear. Each component of the mix almost becomes it’s own discipline… compressors, EQ’s, balance, arrangement, blah blah blah…. oh and did I mention I still need to finish doing the drums? It’s just overwhelming, and I don’t ever think I’ll have enough time to become a really good producer/audio engineer, and that’s frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong though, it is fun. It’s fun creating something that didn’t exist before you touched it. It’s fun hanging with talented people and watching how your ideas affect theirs and vice versa. It’s fun learning new things along the way. And it’s fun hearing the final result and going “Wow! That’s our song!”. But it would be great to be able to mix this thing down and have it sound “album ready” instead of like a demo. If only I had more mad skillz.