Things are picking up in the music side of my life. Paul, the music dude at my church, is writing songs like a madman, and so we’ve been spending a little time in my home studio to lay them down on tape. Actually, there’s no tape, it’s all digital, but “tape” still sounds cool. So all that is going well. It’s nice to be able to lend my studio to other creative people.

What is really awesome though is that Paul has started bringing in other musicians to help flesh out his ideas and this is where it gets really fun. Last night night we had two extra guitarists and a bass player over and I just gotta say…. it was awesome.

There are band situations that are tense because of personality conflicts or maybe a member or two is not as solid as the rest. But with these guys, the music just flowed out effortlessly. There is nothing in the world like the feeling when the band locks in, and this incredible music fills the room. It’s really an extraordinary feeling.

So I’m stoked to be able to jam with these guys. I can’t wait to get some tunes mixed down so I can post it here for everyone to hear.

One interesting thing I’m noticing though, since all the guys I’m jamming with are either worship leaders or worship band members. There’s a definite “look” for worship guys. Just like in the 80’s, most musicians had long hair and spandex, and in the 90’s it was greasy hair and Pendelton shirts, for worship guys it’s pointy hair, black glasses, and wristbands. Check out Danny Gokey on American Idol to see what I mean. Just thought that was interesting.