What’s Important?

I was reading through a programmers website this morning and came across a guy asking what he should do with his life. His certain discipline of programming was no longer challenging and he was wondering where to go next. Another guy posted a link to another website and there was an interesting article there.

George Kinder, is a “Life Planner” who does seminars around the world on how to be happy and financially stable. Normally I don’t even pay attention to these guys at all because they are so full of hot air and all they are really saying is “the secret to happiness is charging others to tell them the secret of happiness”. It’s all crap.

But in quickly scanning the article I found some interesting universal truths. That when the chips are down, what people want out of life is not houses and cars and vacations and challenging jobs. Quoting the article, if given 24 hours to live what people really want is:

  1. Family or relationships — 90% of the responses to the final question contain this topic.
  2. Authenticity or spirituality. Many responses involve leading a more meaningful life.
  3. Creativity. Surprisingly, a large number of respondents express a desire to do something creative: to write a science-fiction novel, or to play guitar like Eric Clapton.
  4. Giving back. Further down the list are themes about giving back to the community, about leaving a meaningful positive impact.
  5. A “sense of place”. A fifth common theme (though nowhere near as prominent as the top three) is a desire to have some connection with place: a desire to be in nature, to live someplace different, or to help the environment.

And I find this amazing because it shows God’s design in us. We have been built to desire relationships with God, and with each other. We’ve been built to help each other. We’ve been built to use the creative gifts he’s given us to benefit others.

Why then do we spend so much time collecting possessions, or sitting in front of the TV, or working our lives away for that next big promotion?

So I was going to write about my vacation this weekend and all the places we went and grand things we saw… but I think what was really awesome about it, was that I got to spend 4 days with my wife, daughter, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, two nieces, a nephew, and old friend and his family, an entire church of strangers, and God.