25 Random Things About Me

Alright, I figured I’d get in on this since several of my friends have had the guts to share and have tagged me. So here goes….. and yes these are all true.

1) I’ve been playing drums for 23 years. I originally started on Guitar in the 5th grade but after failing that my parents refused to let me try another instrument. I got my first drumset at age 18, when I could afford to buy it myself.

2) The very first time I sat at a drumset, I could play a solid beat.

3) My biggest gig was with 30 Seconds to Mars in front of 2000 people. My smallest was a bar in Tulare where the audience was basically our wives and the bartender. The oddest was at a train station in Fullerton where people were smoking a hooka and two guys wearing puffy shirts were having a sword fight.

4) I am a licensed forklift driver.

5) When I was four years old I was in the back seat of the car on the freeway and became curious as to how long a person could remember something. I saw a truck pulling a trailer with a back-hoe on it and vowed to remember that for as long as I could. That’s the only thing I remember about being four.

6) My parents only threw me one birthday party in my life where I could invite my friends and I’ll never forget it because one of the kids spit on the last piece of pizza to keep everyone else from eating it.

7) My family moved a lot when I was young. I went to 7 different schools between kindergarten and 7th grade.

8) I was painfully shy as a kid. So much so that my first kindergarten teacher told my mother she thought I had a learning disability. I think she actually used the word “retarded”.

9) I started programming computers in the 8th grade and I actually wrote my own video games. Then in 10th grade I discovered girls. I wouldn’t touch another computer until I was 25. During this thriving period I achieved #4 on this list, however I also met my wife.

10) Like many of us at Clovis Hills church, I also was baptized in the pool at the Holiday Inn – Airport.

11) Pellerin is a rare name here in America, but in France and Canada it’s fairly common. It means “Pilgrim” in French. Or so I’m told.

12) I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel a bit. In addition to seeing a lot of the US, I’ve also been to England, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Ethiopia.

13) I am a beer aficionado and became one after visiting pubs in the UK and realizing that American beer sucked.

14) I’m an avid motorcyclist and my dream is to ride from coast to coast. Maybe this will be the year?

15) I’ve been married to the same woman for 20 years. And yes, she does deserve a medal.

16) We have two cats that I have a love / hate relationship with. One of them is so old and scraggly that she’s really starting to creep me out.

17) I’ve jumped out of an airplane and it was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had, yet I have no desire to do it again.

18) I absolutely love rollercoasters.

19) I’ve hiked to the top of Half Dome, 20 miles round trip, though I had to do it alone because no less than 5 guys backed out, one by one, as the trip approached. Jerks.

20) I’m horrible at remembering names, especially under pressure. In high school I dated a girl and while introducing her to a friend’s family, I forgot her name. We didn’t date after that.

21) Back in the early 80’s I was into breakdancing and could actually windmill. Just thinking about it now makes my joints hurt.

22) The first concert I ever went to was Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger when I was 14. I’ll never forget it because my older brother was grabbing girls butts in the crowd, and one girl thought it was me and nearly punched me out. Jerk.

23) I’ve seen the band Sevendust at least 10 times in concert. What? You haven’t heard of them?

24) The first record album I owned was Kiss “Alive!”. I got it in the 2nd or 3rd grade. My second was Edgar Winter’s “They Only Come Out at Night”. I’m surprised I didn’t grow up to be a cross dresser……

25) ……however, I’ve owned several pairs of spandex pants and have even worn them on stage. I know it sounds weird now, but when everyone in the band and half the audience is wearing them, it’s oddly comfortable.

So there they are….