It’s that time of year when companies are reporting quarterly results. I read an article regarding Microsoft’s last quarter performance and was a little dismayed at the headline: “Microsoft Misses”. Apparently the economy is so bad that even the mighty Microsoft is losing money! They also announced that they would sacrifice 5000 people in order to improve the bottom line. Sign of the times.

Then I read a little further and discovered that Microsoft did not lose money. In fact they profited 4.17 BILLION dollars. That’s PROFIT. Wanna see what that looks like written out? $4,170,000,000. That’s a lot of freaking money. So why the gloom and doom? Because they expected to make 4.7 billion.

Oh woe is freaking me.

Ladies and gentlemen this is part of what is so wrong with this country, and honestly, my soon to be former Republican party. It’s no longer good enough to run a business, put people to work, provide a benefit to society, and make a fair profit. No, nowadays, the profit has to be OBSCENE, and it’s just fine to make it at anyone’s expense. I’m surprised they aren’t asking for a bail out. 5000 people out of work because they ONLY made $4,170,000,000 this quarter.

And lately what’s also really rubbing me wrong is this attitude that taxation is so hard on large US businesses. So hard they can’t make ends meet or invest in this country. That’s such crap. I read an article on American Apparel clothing a while back. While the rest of the world turns to sweatshops in Taiwan so they can milk every dollar from their operations, American Apparel opens a plant in the heart of So-Cal, employing American workers. Everyone told them it couldn’t be done and they did it and are growing like crazy.

So I don’t care how you slice it, $4,170,000,000 profit is NOT a “miss”, “loss”, “under-perform”, “fail”, or “hardship”… unless you’re just plain greedy.