So Lame I Don’t Even Have a Good Blog Title For It

I came across this video today for a new product from Microsoft. Basically it’s a program that you sing into and it creates the music to go along with your voice. Now I have to make a disclaimer here; This is a research project, not a shipping product. But it’s still the lamest product ever conceived. And what’s worse, this video to promote it is the poorest display of product promotion I have ever seen. I mean, this is Microsoft, one of the richest companies on the planet, and this is the best they can do?

And who is this being marketed to? It’s too lame even for little kids, yet most of the people in the video are adults. Let me tell you something. NO ADULT will ever use this program because A) it’s ridiculously stupid, and B) people like to get drunk and stand on a stage when they sing badly. Doing it on your laptop is just not as fun.

What really made me laugh is the guy who says “The guys in the band have said my songs aren’t that good lately”, and then proceeds to use this steaming pile of kah-kah to improve his singing. Let me tell you something. If any musician I jam with even admitted to loading this software on their computer, much less use it to improve their mad skillz, I would probably crack their skull with one of my cymbals and kick them out of my jamroom.

Take a look at this brilliant piece of video.