Here’s a good blog posting from a guy out here on the Interwebs who runs a website that allows programmers to ask and respond to technical questions. I like it because it talks about success and how there’s really no such thing as “overnight success”.

In this age of instant media, we tend to think that nothing is real until it shows up on our screens. One minute it doesn’t exist, then the next minute… BAM!!! It’s the next big thing, seemingly materialized out of thin air. The media sensationalizes everything; lifting us up in excitement one minute, then crashing us to the floor in the next.

This exciting roller coaster ride of emotion makes for high viewership, but it in no way reflects real life. Real life just doesn’t move that fast. Though when all you look at is the end result, it sure seems like it. And that can be discouraging for those who buy into this view of the world.

I guess the whole point of this post is that anything that is good in life takes time to cultivate. We need to be patient, and diligent in all areas of our lives.

Take a look at Jeff Atwood’s blog post by [clicking here].