Read the Bible in a Year

Alright so I said I wouldn’t make any new years resolutions, and I’m not. This is not really a new resolution, it’s more of a continual battle to do something I really want to do, but can never seem to slot the time for, or be organized enough to follow through on.

However, since I’m a techie at heart and spend a lot of time on my shiny new Macbook Pro (sorry, anytime I can brag about this machine, I’m going to do it), anything in electronic format immediately becomes more appealing to me. So when I saw this on Luke Mundy’s twitter stream, I became very interested. Therefore I present you with

I know, I think it’s a stupid name too for a bible reading website. After all, I don’t want MY version, I want God’s version, right? Ah well…. anyway, it’s basically a very cool site where you can go to read and search the Bible in many different translations (No King James version for me, thank thee very much). And they provide a one year reading plan, which basically consists of a few chapters each from several parts of the Bible for each day. That may sound like a lot, but it’s really not.

They also have some other cool features like a community chat section which is tied to verses or chapters so you can see other people’s thoughts on a particular subject. They also provide a journal section where you can keep private notes about what you’ve just read. And the coolest of all; They have an iPhone version.

Reading the Bible could not get any easier or more convenient. Check it out.