Almost Christmas

The weeks running up to Christmas are crazy around here. This weekend capped off a flurry of activity and now I’m in the home stretch to Christmas. After that it’s 11 much needed days off.

It was an awesome weekend though. Friday we went to my company Christmas party and had a good time as usual. I am fortunate to work with an incredibly diverse, yet pleasant group of people, and we had a good time eating, drinking and being merry.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at church, rippin some drummage for our church’s bring a friend weekend. It was a fantastic service that featured our awesome pastor Steve Davidson explain the reason for Christmas in only the way he can.  It also contained some really incredible performances by our worship and arts team.

I gotta say that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to serve on this team. It’s one thing to play in bands and do some pretty good sized shows and stuff. It’s entirely different to be part of something that is so diverse, and complex and beautiful; where everyone is there doing these amazing things, simply out of the love for God and the desire to serve.

This weekend we had a full band do our normal rock thing, but we also had 5 singers join us and did a variety of musical styles, from rock, to ballads, to a little bit of funky christmas carolly things. Then we got to do an accoustic set with 3 accoustic guitars and me on the cajon. That was so cool and I really, really enjoyed getting out from behind the kit and doing something different. We also got to hear Aron and Jill do a song in Italian which was absolutely phenomenal and blew me away each of the three times I got to hear it. And then we finished with a big fat rock song featuring a group of gals doing some modern dance. This is one of the reasons I love this church so much. It’s just an interesting place to be.

So it was a great weekend and nice finish to the busy Christmas season. This week is going to be a lot mellower as I finish up a few days at work and share Christmas at home with the family. Oh, Clovis Hills is having a special Christmas eve candle light service, on Wednesday, so check it out. [CLICK HERE]