Is it Spring yet?

It’s in the mid 40’s outside, it’s 5pm and dark already, and all I feel like doing is sleeping. I should have been born a bear so I could just hibernate through the whole winter and wake up when it starts getting warm and sunny again.

It wasn’t a bad weekend though…. Christmas Party on Friday. That was good times. Had it at Logan’s which actually was pretty good. I hadn’t been there for more than happy hour beers since they converted it from Bennigan’s. Steak, beer, good friends, and free peanuts. I’d say I’m a pretty easy date.

Saturday Deanna and I braved the mall to finish Christmas shopping for Michelle. For being in the middle of a recession, everyone looked like they were pretty busy. The good thing is, I’m done shopping.

The rest of the weekend (well, except for an hour at church) was spent on the couch watching movies. So here’s the 30 second movie review roundup; First up; Doomsday. Basically this is 28 days later meets Road Warrior. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Next up; Speed Racer. Interesting movie. I started out hating it, but once I bought into the campy, futuristic visuals and they started nailing all those little things that I loved about the original as a kid, I got into it. It’s a fun movie, just don’t take it too seriously. Lastly; Sleepy Hollow. This is an old one, but Deanna and I are Tim Burton fans and she hadn’t see it before so we watched this one together. Great movie and typical Tim Burton. Dark, moody, and a bit twisted.

Christmas is right around the corner now, and this week heading up to it is always insane. From now until Christmas day I won’t have a single day to breathe. It’s a good thing my work shuts down the department for the week after Christmas. Hopefully I’ll get some heated gloves for Christmas (hint, hint) and I can spend some quality time with the motorcycle.

Well, time for a glass of wine and a cigar before it gets too darn cold outside. Everyone have an awesome week!