‘Tis the Season!

Every year one of our volunteers from church, a great guy named Larry who mixes sound and a bunch of other stuff, puts on this Christmas “show” at this house. One of our drummers has participated in the past and this year we were asked to come and jam some carols and worship tunes.

Now Christmas is obviously a big deal in his neighborhood because almost every house on his street was decked to the nines. Larry holds his own as well and honestly, Christmas Tree Lane doesn’t have much on this street. It was pretty impressive. But every year, Larry sets up a P.A. system, builds a “set” in the front part of the garage for Santa to sit in, and it’s like a block party. People bring their kids to sit on Santa’s lap, there’s singing and hot chocolate and the whole nine yards. It’s really cool.

So a bunch of us from the band joined in this year and did an accoustic set. It was fun because I got to play the cajon while one of our other drummers jammed on the kit, and his son tore it up on my djembe. Very neat having three percussionists jamming together. I don’t get to do that very often. Larry also arranged for a really, really, good quartet made up of four women come and sing and that was pretty amazing.

It was just an all around good time and really has kind of gotten me in the Christmas spirit. Which is good because it’s going to be a busy season. I have two corporate parties to attend, the band is playing at a party for the Emergency Family Shelter, and we have a pretty involved outreach weekend coming up at church that I’m playing in.

‘Tis the season to be super busy, but it’s going to be a blast.