20th Anniversary Trip to Pismo Beach

IMG_9992.JPGWhat a great weekend! Michelle and I finished off our celebration of 20 years of marriage by heading to Pismo Beach for the weekend. We took off early Saturday morning, drove out toward Monterey and then picked up Hwy 1, heading south along the incredibly beautiful coastline. We stopped in Big Sur for lunch at Lucia’s then finished our drive to Pismo, arriving early in the afternoon.

We stayed at the Cottage Inn which is a great hotel. Our room backed right up against the ocean so we had a full view of the Pacific from our patio. The weather was so nice we were able to sleep with the windows wide open and listen to the ocean all night.

For dinner, we decided to try McClintock’s Steamers Restaurant. It was a nice dinner. Not the greatest food, but not bad for the price. The service was good though, and I really liked the comfortable, lively atmosphere.

Sunday we got up early and walked the beach for a few hours before packing up and heading to Avila Beach. Avila is really nice and we had a great lunch and some time to enjoy the ocean before heading back. It was a really great time together and a great place to spend a weekend.

More pictures to the right.