Taking a Break From Life in Yosemite

Things have been crazy lately. Michelle is out of work so I’ve been working two jobs and still trying to juggle the daily things in life… workouts, bible study, music, etc. And while I enjoy all of these things, its the schedule that’s killing me. When every hour of your life is scheduled, and there’s always one more thing to get done before the day is over, that’s when life becomes a drag. So yesterday I decided I needed a break. My boss is really cool about mental health days and so he gave me a short notice pass for the day. Michelle and I climbed aboard the motorcycle and steered toward Yosemite.

Every time I go to Yosemite I’m amazed that I don’t make the trip more often. It’s right in our back yard, less than a two hour drive to the valley floor and it’s absolutely amazing. We went to Glacier Point, which I had never been to, and I was just amazed at the view. The sheer scale of the place is too large to even comprehend. The air is crystal clear, the trees are all turning colors now, and it’s just freaking awesome, especially on the bike where you can feel the temperature changes and smell the various scents of the forest. There’s just no better way to see Yosemite in my opinion.

So we had an outstanding time together and it was a much needed break from the daily grind. I’ve posted some pictures in the photo section to the right. Enjoy!