Anne Rice

Yesterday Aron posted a tweet (man I hate saying that!) about a new book by Anne Rice. For those of you that don’t know Anne Rice, she’s one of the best selling authors around, selling over 100 million fictional novels, most of which have been centered around the subjects of vampires and kinky sex.

What makes this new book interesting though is that Anne Rice is now a Christian, after 38 years of atheism. This new book details her life, how she turned away from Christ, and how He brought her back to him. Her story is truly amazing and inspiring. Rather than try to poorly recap the whole story here, I’ve provided some links to an interview with Dr. Dobson on the internet as well as a link to her book on Amazon. Check it out.

Dr. Dobson / Anne Rice interview, part 1

Dr. Dobson / Anne Rice interview, part 2

Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession